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The design process nearly always begins with pencil on paper. If it’s a good idea, it quickly gets checked on the internet to make sure it has never been done before. If it’s in the all clear, then full steam ahead. More frantic sketching, a desktop filled with scanned images ready to form a resemblance of an original, re-painted design in Photoshop – think Dr Frankenstein’s lab.

I find it helps coming from a traditional background in art – it’s great for composition and gives my work a pinch of reality when I’m using a very modern, un-messy graphic tablet. I love creating digital art, the blending of colours, the merging of layers to create the final piece. Although, things can get blurred on occasion. Trying to find the delete button instead of a rubber and not dipping my stylus into my (always cold) cup of tea.

Should you require any of the design services I can supply – original art, graphic design, animation or sculpture, please do get in touch.

Rich Kingston

Full design of Admiral Ackbar standing before a porthole wrapped in tentacles, dressed in full naval costume, rum shot and barrel, with coffee cup and stylus.


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