Boldly Been Print Folio

Boldly Been Print Folio

The Universe’s boldest explorers, re-imagined in the golden age of discovery, have been given the ‘all clear’ in quarantine and are now ashore ready to be gifted to your favourite Star Trek fan.


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This bespoke A4 print portfolio contains all the crew from the original Start Trek series within a tri-fold folder, complete with correspondence and charts printed on the inside and, a postcard of the Enterprise being towed to its docking area by small rowing boats.

Taking inspiration from the portrait painters, John Francis Rigaud, Gilbert Stuart and Joseph Ducreux, this folio all began with the thought of James T. Kirk in the style of an old naval portrait. It worked, and soon after the whole crew of the original Enterprise took form. Merging these iconic sci-fi characters in uniform from the time of Captain Cook, with added imagery depicting their rank and position, was pure joy.

Each print depicts:

Captain James T. Kirk, Ship’s Captain.
William Shatner taking some much needed shore leave with the Enterprise docked in the background.

Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, Second Officer.
James Doohan stands before the building of the Enterprise with its blueprints.

Lt. Commander Spock, First Officer, Science Officer.
Leonard Nimoy studying the horizon with his sextant.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, Helmsman, Navigation Officer.
George Takei standing behind the ship’s wheel while sipping a cup of tea.

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, Communications Officer.
Nichelle Nichols decoding an incoming message with her semaphore chart.

Ensign Pavel Chekov, Helmsman, Weapons Officer.
Walter Koenig standing before a ship’s cannon with botefeux in-hand.

Lt. Commander Leonard McCoy, Ship’s Lead Doctor.
DeForest Kelley relaxing with his favourite tipple of Romulan ale.

To Boldly Go.

All work is created with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablet.

Print info
Size: A4 – 210mm x 297mm 250gsm silk.
Folder Size: 303mm x 535mm 350gsm silk.
All contained in cellophane bag.