To do or not to do.

To do or not to do.


Yoda, the old master of ‘the force’, spins the Death Star above his hand – the Empire’s deadliest weapon a mere toy at the fingertips of this most wisest of Jedi.

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Product Info

When Yoda was first dropped into the style of an old masters portrait, it produced a dramatic and mood filled image, something that had to be developed further. Add a large ruff, cape, a sword at the hip and a touch of light flickering across his aged face, and the Jedi master was complete.
Inspired by the old masters.

The Italian artist Tiziano Vecelli, known in English as Titian, inspired this digital reworking. Like many other Renaissance artists of his time, he was prolific with portraiture and religious works. Not only could he recreate the light and realism of various fabrics, his brush strokes perfectly captured the human mood of the scene, a style that seizes the moment.

Having reworked a few of the old masters, other characters of popular culture presented themselves and things became more adventurous. This collection of prints began with Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘A Lady with an Ermine’. The lady in question was replaced with Ellen Ripley and the ermine with a small alien. It worked, and soon Spock, Yoda and Deadpool all followed suit.

Card left blank inside.

All work is created with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablet.

Print Info:
Size: 150mm x 150mm.
Printed on: 350gsm semi-gloss card with a smooth matt inner.
Supplied with 100% recycled brown envelope, contained and protected in their own cellophane bags.
FSC logo on the back of our cards.
All of our greeting card stocks are FSC approved. When you see the FSC logo you can buy with confidence knowing that they are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.