Lady with a Vermin

Lady with a Vermin


Sigourney Weaver, in her role as Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise, takes pride of place in this reworking of Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine.

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Product Info

A flawless mix of popular culture with the style of the old masters to produce a new iconic image for the modern age. The original Lady was painted in oil on walnut panel. This Lady was created by a graphic tablet on an apple screen.

The works of Leonardo da Vinci are widely known by all. Even though fewer than 25 of his paintings have survived, he is still regarded as being one of the greatest painters of all time. The original Lady with an Ermine when examined under X-ray, showed preparatory work of the ermine in charcoal. Something that matched the story of the hidden Alien in the Nostromo crew.

Having reworked a few of the old masters, other characters of popular culture presented themselves and things became more adventurous. This collection of prints all began with this painting. The lady in question was replaced with Ellen Ripley and the ermine with a small alien. It worked, and soon Spock, Yoda and Deadpool all followed suit.

Card left blank inside.

All work is created with Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablet.

Print Info:
Size: 150mm x 150mm.
Printed on: 350gsm semi-gloss card with a smooth matt inner.
Supplied with 100% recycled brown envelope, contained and protected in their own cellophane bags.
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